The Weekend Leader - Take remedial action: NCPCR to Delhi govt over dextromethorphan poisoning

Take remedial action: NCPCR to Delhi govt over dextromethorphan poisoning

New Delhi


Photo: IANS

Taking cognisance of negligence at Delhi government's mohalla clinic that led to the poisoning to over 10 children in the past, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has written to the latter requesting it to look for remedial measures and take action against the errant officers.

The letter read, "...regarding a case of dextromethorphan poisoning after a Mohalla clinic syrup to a minor girl resulting in the toddler becoming seriously ill."

The toddler's parents rushed her to Kalawati Saran Hospital where she was put on a ventilator after suffering a respiratory failure. She is now in a stable condition. A similar incident was reported last year as well, wherein 16 children were reported to have dextromethorphan poisoning, three of whom died during the treatment in the month of September.

Health Minister Satyendra Jain had terminated the services of three doctors over the deaths of children followed by a probe into the incident.

NCPCR has emphasised that after the last month incident it had directed the Delhi government to submit an ATR to the commission within 15 days. "However, no action taken report in the said incident has been received from your office," it underlined. "In view of the seriousness of such matter of medical negligence by the Mohalla Clinics of Delhi Government thereby putting the life of the children in danger, the Commission viewing it seriously, request your good office to look into the matter urgently for immediate remedial measures, with request to take necessary action against the errant officers and submit a factual report in all cases within 5 days," it added.

Dextromethorphan, one of the most widely used cough suppressants, can cause side effects when mixed with anti-allergic medicines. The consumption of high doses of the drug can lead to insomnia, dilated pupils, restlessness, dizziness, shallow breathing and diarrhoea, among others.-IANS

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