The Weekend Leader - Congress slams EC statement on vaccination, asks it to share Covid data

Congress slams EC statement on vaccination, asks it to share Covid data

New Delhi



The Congress on Thursday slammed the Election commission's statement that the entire eligible population of Uttar Pradesh would be vaccinated in time for the upcoming assembly elections. The party hit out at the ECI for not procuring data from the government on Covid-19 and share it with the political parties.

Questioning the statement, Congress General Secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala said, "Has the Election Commission even asked Modi Govt to share the data of Covid-19 infections, particularly the spread of Omicron, the vaccination plan and timeline and efficacy of vaccine? Has ECI shared the data with other political parties and held discussions?"

"Constitutional responsibility of elections lies solely with the ECI. Instead of acting like a toothless tiger, the ECI should ask for data from the Modi Govt, share it with all parties, consult health experts -- epidemiologists, virologists & take an independent decision. Has it done so?" he asked.

He said that the Commission must remember that the country wide data of Covid-19 infection, its spread & multiplication, the doubling time, the results of genome sequencing & the impact of the vaccine on Omicron is with the Modi Government, not with political parties.

The Congress said that the nation had experience of first and the second waves and alleged that despite the numerous health warnings, PM Modi went ahead with 'Namaste Trump' during the first wave & carried on with huge election rallies in Bengal and Jan Ashirwad Yatras elsewhere. Even then ECI watched as a mute and complicit bystander, he said.

Shiv Sena Secretary Vishwajeet Singh too criticised the EC. He said that the Chief Election Commissioner on Thursday said that 50 per cent of the state population had been vaccinated and the 100 per cent target would be achieved by the time elections will be held.

"There has to be a gap of 90 days between two doses so how is it possible that everyone will be vaccinated in time for elections?" he asked. He said that the Election Commission was apparently rushing into elections and posing a major risk to the lives of millions. The Shiv Sena leader further said that only selected parties were called for a meeting with the CEC which undermined the very purpose of holding the meeting. -IANS

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