The Weekend Leader - PM Modi has changed working culture in a democracy: Nadda

PM Modi has changed working culture in a democracy: Nadda

New Delhi



Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed the working culture in a democracy, BJP national president J.P. Nadda said here on Wednesday, adding that when the Prime Minister of India speaks on international issues, the world now listens.

Nadda, who was speaking at a function organised by the Goa BJP to release its 10-year report card on governance, Nadda also said that under previous regimes, India was known as a corrupt and backward country.

"There is a change in working culture in a democracy. You have to understand that this change in working culture has happened because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I am not saying this just because I am giving a speech," Nadda said.

"The culture was to just deliver speeches to lure people, talking about nice things, picking on issues in society, which can trigger a sort of a competition in sections of society and giving an emotional edge to issues," he said.

"(They indulged in) vote-bank politics, becoming a champion of one section of society and when you get the votes, then looking after yourself, looking after your family, filling up your home with riches earned through corruption and then awaiting the next elections. This was the political culture and I am speaking with full responsibility," Nadda added.

With the coming of Modi as the Prime Minister, Nadda said that the spotlight has turned on the concerns and well-being of people.

"The previous government ate meva (loaves of power), we have to understand that seva (service) was carried out by governments headed by Atal ji and Modi," Nadda said.

Nadda also said that India was besieged by corruption and was considered as a "corrupt" nation.

"We were being counted as corrupt. We were a backward country. We have progressed from that to where we are now. On international issues, what Modi speaks, the world listens. This is the situation which we have today," Nadda said. -IANS

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