The Weekend Leader - Google Maps testing new 'Dock to bottom' button on desktop

Google Maps testing new 'Dock to bottom' button on desktop

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Google Maps is likely testing a new feature to dock locations and businesses to the bottom of the map page.

According to XDA Developers, much like the Dock on macOS, or the Taskbar on Windows, users can scroll through all docked items and click on one to open it.

There's also a close button on each dock item, and when everything is closed, the dock is hidden, the report said.

As per the report, it is not clear yet if the button will arrive on smartphones or tablets at some point, or if it will remain exclusive to the Google Maps website.

Regardless, it's definitely in the early stages of testing -- it's not live on any of my Google accounts, and there are only a few other reports of people seeing the button, the report said.

Last month, Google has launched new Google Maps features that include Area Busyness and Directories.

The company said that users can use Area Busyness, a new feature that combines live busyness trends to help them instantly spot when a neighbourhood or part of town is near or at its busiest.

The company is also expanding the Directory tab globally on Android and iOS for all airports, malls and transit stations around the world to help users find their way around large buildings fast. -IANS

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