The Weekend Leader - I think 100 times before I speak, I don't withdraw anything I say: 'Blue Sattai' Maran

I think 100 times before I speak, I don't withdraw anything I say: 'Blue Sattai' Maran




With just a day to go for the release of his film 'Anti-Indian', reviewer-turned-director Elamaran better known as 'Blue Sattai' Maran is a man brimming with confidence.

Talking to IANS, the debutant director, who earned the wrath of quite a number of filmmakers when he was a reviewer, says, "I am not anxious as I believe my film has the right content. By right content, what I mean is that the content is common to everybody."

'Blue Sattai' Maran shot to fame just for his scathing reviews of films which he put out on his YouTube channel. The reviews were so hard-hitting that it earned him quite a number of fans. But then, it also earned him the wrath of some of those in the film industry.

Offended by his remarks, some even went to the extent of telling the reviewer that he should probably try making a film himself before beginning to criticise the work of others.

Taking up the suggestion, the reviewer-turned-director chose to make a film titled 'Anti-Indian'. On news of his decision to make a film, several people said that they would like to review his film in the same manner that he has been reviewing the films of others.

Says Maran, "The content that my film has is something that is necessary for society today. Everybody who watches my film will be able to relate to it. Therefore, I think it will be to everybody's liking. Whether people like my film or not is left to their individual choices. But I have given my best and I am not scared about presenting it."

Ask the reviewer whether he would be able to take the reviews of his film in his stride, especially those that are going to be on the lines of his reviews and he says, "Actually, I welcome them. Nobody is going to criticise us because they don't have anything better to do. They have shown us respect by choosing to spend their time and money to watch a film. They have a 100 per cent right to say what they wish to say. They are going to say what they like and don't like about the film. This is something applicable to all directors.

"As far as I am concerned, there is a certain section that hates me. Let them also be. They too are my fans. What I ask them is this: Please do not look at the creator. You should only look at the creation. The creator could be a murderer or a thief but if his creation is good, we have to respect it. Even if the creator is a great person but if his creation is wrong, then feel free to point it out. That is what I expect," says the debutant director.

Now, with just days to go for his film's release, does he regret having made harsh observations in any of the reviews he has done.

"Absolutely not," says Maran, who points out that he hasn't removed even a single video that he has put out until today. "I say this because I switch on the camera only after I feel that I am a 100 per cent right. I watch the film before everybody else but my review comes after everyone else. My reviews appear a day late. That is because that is the time I take to think about the film. I think a 100 times before I speak and I don't withdraw anything that I say. I have not deleted a single video despite facing several problems and opposition." - IANS

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