The Weekend Leader - Rajasthan teen abandoned by parents for refusing to get married

Rajasthan teen abandoned by parents for refusing to get married




The parents of a 14-year-old girl in Udaipur's Bhutiya village denied her entry to house after she refused to get married on November 21.

Much to the surprise of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) officials, the mother of the daughter said: "She is dead for us as she failed to protect our reputation in the village by refusing to get married."

The mother kept abusing her daughter, while the teen kept sobbing, the officials said.

The teenager had been provided shelter by the CWC after her parents abandoned her. However, they took her to see her parents two days later, after she requested the officials.

As per information, the girl who was forced to tie the knot on Sunday, called CWC's chairperson Sangeeta Beniwal, displaying courage. She also sent the picture of her wedding invite and told her that she wanted to study and not get married at such an early age.

Beniwal directed the district collector of Udaipur and other officials to take stock of the situation and stop the marriage.

Next, with the help of CWC, she was counselled and sent to Balika Grah of Udaipur as her parents abandoned her.

On Monday, when the girl wanted to meet Beniwal, she was taken to Udaipur by the officials.

But after she began missing her family, CWC chairperson herself dropped her home, where she was denied entry by her parents.

Many people including panchayat officials and other villagers had gathered at the girl's residence demanding public apology from the girl.

However, even after she apologised to them, her parents were not convinced and asked Beniwal to take her back saying that the society will not accept her.

Meanwhile, Beniwal said that the girl's mother looked very worried as her daughter chose to complete her education.

Talking to IANS, she said: "We tried to convince the parents but as they were reluctant, we brought the girl back to Udaipur Balika Grah. We shall provide her quality education here and wait for the next few days to see if her parents take her back or else shall take full responsibility of the girl." -IANS

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