The Weekend Leader - 1/3rd of companies will fail at 'anywhere work' in 2022: Research

1/3rd of companies will fail at 'anywhere work' in 2022: Research

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As hybrid workplaces are set to redefine the future of work in the new normal, one-third of companies will fail at meeting 'anywhere work' goals, and it will not be the Covid virus' fault.

According to global research firm Forrester, 100 per cent of companies will fail at adjusting compensation during the post-pandemic surge.

However, employee recognition programmes will get a boost from 1 per cent of total compensation to as much as 2 per cent next year.

"Companies have a lot of decisions to make -- about where people can work, what tools they should have available for work, and how managers can shift to becoming more like coaches than supervisors," the report noted.

Employees today want different things, improved resources to enable their success at work, and they may even want different outcomes for their careers. They see evidence suggesting that they can ask for and receive the reasonable things that they want.

In this backdrop, just 48 per cent of large organisations in the US have a dedicated programme for employee experience (EX).

"That number will rise to 65 per cent as more executives watching their monthly quit rates go as high as 2 per cent will suddenly become EX advocates of the highest order," the report added.

The employee experience budgets will go up, so will investments in automation and robotics designed to complement the human workforce.

"A large company will even announce that it's capping its human workforce at its current levels and instead aiming to expand its capacity through automation and robotics," according to Forrester.

Such a bold move, rather than signalling the dehumanisation of the workforce, will represent a commitment to those who already work there, giving them enhanced roles as automation confers upon them the equivalent of work-ready superpowers, the report said. -IANS

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