The Weekend Leader - Idris Elba quits beer to stay slim

Idris Elba quits beer to stay slim

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British star Idris Elba has changed his drinking habits as he's got older because beer is "not so kind on the belly" anymore.

He said: "Back in the day I was very into beer drinking but as I've got older it's not so kind on the belly. Having visited awesome places in Japan and from speaking to people who know more than me, I've got very into whisky, particularly Japanese whisky.

"If it's the start of a night and we are looking to party and I'm not particularly tired, I'll kick off with vodka and move on to tequila and tonic - I like to keep it pretty simple."

The 'Mountain Between Us' actor has opened his own bar, Porte Noire in London's King's Cross, and used his "warm relationship" with other drinking venues as a source of inspiration, reports

He told Big Hospitality: "I've been going to bars all my life and I have a very warm relationship with them - probably more so than I'm allowed to admit. I've lived in many, many places and I've met lots of good people as well as advanced my careers in bars.

"I've worked in them, drunk in them and they're a place I feel comfortable in. I wanted to create something that feels luxe and special, but also relatable, warm, and welcoming - IANS

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