The Weekend Leader - Croatian PM urges probe into alleged violence against migrants

Croatian PM urges probe into alleged violence against migrants




Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic has called on the police to carry out a comprehensive investigation into the alleged violence against migrants at the country's border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Croatia respects international law and does not want to be associated with any wrongdoing, Xinhua news agency quoted Plenkovic as saying.

The Prime Minister said he had discussed the matter with Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic and expected a report from all relevant services to see what actually happened.

His remarks came a day after Croatia's RTL television on Wednesday aired video footage alleging violence against migrants.

The video showed masked men beating migrants with batons and pushing them back from the Croatian border to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Although the masked men wore no police badges, media reports said that their vests and batons resembled those used by the Croatian riot police.

On Thursday, the European Commission also urged an investigation, calling the reports of violence against migrants shocking.

Thousands of refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers reportedly cross the Bosnia-Croatia border trying to reach western Europe - IANS

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