The Weekend Leader - Bigg Boss 15': Jay and Pratik push each other, break glass divider

Bigg Boss 15': Jay and Pratik push each other, break glass divider




Bigg Boss 15' as usual is grabbing attention with its high drama and fights. Pratik Sehajpal is in the news because of his confrontation with other contestants. This is going to continue even in the upcoming episode.

The audience will see Jay and Pratik's rift has widened from the previous episode, escalating into a 'Bigg' fight with other contestants rallying around them. During a task, they both get into a spat, catching everyone's attention. As the bickering gets worse, Jay and Pratik push each other, breaking the glass divider. They nearly come to blows, with everyone stopping them just in the nick of time! Pratik shows his furious side by banging his chest after Jay mocks him, "Tu khatam ho gaya!"(you are finished).

After Pratik grabs his collar, Jay loses his calm. "Game over! Ab koi rules nahi hai mere liye!"(no more rules for me) he expresses.

But this episode also witnesses contestants having a gala time. Afsana comes to the rescue to prepare food for her fellow contestants who are in the jungle. While some cheered for her, others even gave her instructions to make snacks as per their liking. "Bigg Boss mujhe daante toh kaun responsible hai?" (If Bigg Boss scolds me who is responsible) Afsana reacts to the instructions to which everyone inside the jungle arena raises their hands in joy.

Will Bigg Boss make Pratik and Jay bear the brunt of this unpleasant fight?

'Bigg Boss 15' airs every Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm and Saturday-Sunday at 9:30 pm on COLORS - IANS

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