The Weekend Leader - Uniformed police to be stationed in Kabul

Uniformed police to be stationed in Kabul




The Taliban has announced that current forces of the group who are stationed in Kabul will soon be replaced with police forces of the former Afghan government and they all will have uniforms.

Anaamullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban's cultural commission, told TOLO News on Sunday that the current Taliban forces, who do not have uniforms, will be transferred from Kabul to military posts in the provinces.

Samangani, however, did not say how many police and Taliban forces will be deployed in Kabul.

"Police and uniformed forces who have received training and gained skills in their specific fields should soon take charge of maintaining Kabul security and start their jobs.

"After that, the Mujahideen who are stationed in different police departments and who do not have uniforms will be stationed in police headquarters and army corps (in the provinces)," Samangani said.

A number of Kabul residents, meanwhile, said uniformed forces should be deployed to the city to maintain security and to prevent criminal activities.

According to the residents, people are accustomed to uniformed police and will feel more comfortable with them in the city.

The residents also said the new forces should fight criminals and restore order in the city.

"They should have a specific uniform and be well-organised in the city and maintain security so that the people will not worry," TOLO News quoted Sheikh Zaman, a Kabul resident, as saying.

"We have seen cases where some people identifying themselves as Taliban forces have committed illegal actions in the city," said Abdurrahman, another Kabul resident.

Following the collapse of the former government in August, the police left their posts.

Taliban forces took charge of the city.

Abdul Majid, a Taliban force member, said he was on duty for many years in Takhar province, and following the collapse of the former government he was assigned to maintain security in Kabul's PD2.

According to Majid, hundreds of Taliban forces like him who previously were in the provinces are now maintaining security in Kabul.

"Now people are safe from robberies and other insecurity issues, and they should be happy about the security we have provided," he said - IANS

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