The Weekend Leader - CrazyLabs acquires Mumbai-based studio Firescore Interactive

CrazyLabs acquires Mumbai-based studio Firescore Interactive

New Delhi



Mobile game developer CrazyLabs on Wednesday said it has acquired Firescore Interactive, a hyper-casual game development studio based in Mumbai, in a multi-million dollar deal.

Firescore Interactive has already crossed 200 million downloads for its hyper-casual hit games and is now expanding the presence of CrazyLabs in India.

CrazyLabs said in a statement that the deal is part of its strategy to expand in India and grow its game development business in the country.

"We are very excited to become an official part of CrazyLabs, and we are even more excited with the opportunity to expand CrazyLabs business in India," said Karan Khairajani, Co-founder, Firescore Interactive.

Firescore Interactive's hit game Soap Cutting is nearing 90 million downloads.

In 2020, CrazyLabs published Firescore Interactive's 2nd hit game, Acrylic Nails (85 million downloads), and launched its first online hyper-casual gaming accelerator in Mumbai with Firescore Interactive as its local operational and professional team.

Recently, CrazyLabs published Firescore Interactive's third hit game Hair Dye (approaching 30 million downloads) and announced the physical hub in Mumbai, which includes a training program for studios looking to learn everything there is to know about hyper-casual success.

"India is a strategic market and an invaluable resource for game development talent and creative skills. While this deal is the end result of a very successful collaboration, we have no doubt it is merely the beginning of CrazyLabs India," said Guy Tomer, CrazyLabs COO.

CrazyLabs has over 4.5 billion downloads for games like Phone Case DIY, ‘Acrylic Nails, Tie Dye, ASMR Slicing, Soap Cutting and many more.

It has offices in Israel, China, Macedonia, Germany and Ukraine, and has hyper-casual gaming hubs in India, Turkey, Serbia, Israel and South Africa.-IANS

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