The Weekend Leader - Houthis in Yemen release 2 Al Qaeda prisoners: Official

Houthis in Yemen release 2 Al Qaeda prisoners: Official




The Houthi militia group in Yemen releasedtwo mid-level members of the Al Qaeda terror group after a local meditation in the country's central province of al-Bayda, a military official said.

"Two mid-level Al Qaeda members who had been detained in Sanaa's National Security Prison for several years were released by the Houthi authorities," the official told Xinhua news agency.

He said that two fighters of the Houthi group were set free in exchange for the release of the Al Qaeda members from the Houthi-controlled jail in Sanaa.

The source based in al-Bayda gave no further details about the prisoner swap that occurred in the turbulent province after a local tribal mediation.

Large areas of al-Bayda province witnessed intense armed confrontations between the Yemeni government forces backed by the Saudi-led Arab coalition and the Houthis during the past weeks, leaving many people either killed or injured from both sides.

The Houthi group controls Yemen's capital Sanaa and most of the country's northern provinces, while the Al Qaeda operates in several other areas of the war-torn country.-IANS

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