The Weekend Leader - Kerala to adopt pro-people approach while classifying Covid deaths

Kerala to adopt pro-people approach while classifying Covid deaths




Stung by frequent criticism from the Congress-led opposition that the Pinarayi Vijayan government is not properly accounting the Covid deaths, state Health Minister Veena George, on Thursday, made it clear that the Kerala government has no problem re-visiting the deaths that have occurred after the pandemic struck.

Speaking to the media, George said their only agenda would be to help people who have passed away in the state during the pandemic and they have nothing to hide.

"For this we seek the support of all and we will all work together for this as we are only glad to come to the help of our people. We have adopted the policy and guidelines as prescribed by the WHO/ICMR and there has been no role for the state government to classify Covid deaths. We are even willing to re-visit all the deaths also," said George.

For long the Congress led opposition has been crying foul in the manner in which the Kerala government has been allegedly fudging the number of Covid deaths.

Since the pandemic surfaced, so far Kerala has recorded 13,235 Covid deaths, which the Congress led opposition has been time and again stating that it was grossly understated.

The Leader of Opposition V.D. Satheesan said for long they have been raising this issue both inside and outside the assembly ever since the pandemic began, but the state government appeared to be callous on their requests.

"It was surprising to find that the certification is done by a committee who does not even see a patient and how the death was caused. It's only the treating doctor who can certify the reason and the cause of death. We demand that all the cases where the last rites were held according to Covid protocols should be re-examined and the cause of death should be ascertained," said Satheesan and added that within 10 days they expect the new list to be published.

This issue has now been taken up seriously because the apex court has ruled of giving a compensation to all those who died of Covid.

Senior Congress led UDF leader C.P. John, who went on a 24-hour hunger strike last week demanding compensation to all Covid deaths, said they will continue to fight to see that adequate compensation is provided to all who fell to the pandemic.-IANS

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