The Weekend Leader - Choudhary's resignation worrying for Congress, says Pilot

Choudhary's resignation worrying for Congress, says Pilot



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Soon after the resignation of 6-time Congress MLA Hemaram Choudhary, the Rajasthan Congress again looks split into two camps headed by CM Ashok Gehlot and former Dy CM Sachin Pilot, issuing their own different statements.

While Pilot termed his resignation as a worrying factor for the ruling party, Rajasthan PCC chief and state minister Govind Singh Dotasara said that the party has given a lot to Choudhary in the same manner as he has nurtured the party since long.

Choudhary is known to be from the Pilot camp and stood firmly with him during the rebellion in July last year.

Choudhary sent his resignation to Assembly speaker CP Joshi a few days back asking him to accept it on the same day. However, his resignation is yet to be accepted.

Pilot on Friday said that the resignation of Hemaram Choudhary is a worrying factor for the party.

Pilot, speaking on the contributions made by Choudhary to the Congress party, said, "There might not be any second example as of Choudhary when it comes to honesty, simplicity and humble nature."

"He is one amongst the most senior MLAs of Rajasthan who has contributed a lot to Congress. He served as Leader of Opposition as well as cabinet minister and has also served as MLA for six terms," Pilot added.

PCC chief Dotasara said the Congress has also given many senior positions to Choudhary in the same way as he dedicated himself to the party.

"He is a senior member and the party and government shall continue respecting him for his seniority. We have spoken twice with him and shall try to resolve all his grudges."

Speaking on another MLA Ved Prakash Solanki from the Pilot camp who also spoke in favour of Choudhary two days back, Dotasara said, "We shall ensure completion of each worker's job and that no work is delayed." - IANS

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