The Weekend Leader - NCC officer, the one man army declares war on Covid

NCC officer, the one man army declares war on Covid



Photo: IANS

It's been a month since 53-year-old Associate NCC officer Lt Regi Joseph, a one man army, has declared war on Covid and has become the most contacted person in the village of Irattayar near Kattapana in the hilly Idukki district of Kerala.

By this time he has become a succour to numerous families who have been affected by Covid and have taken part in burying of Covid positive patients, taking Covid positive patients to and from hospitals, to schools to write examinations and above all delivering medicines, food kits to the needy.

A Hindi school teacher by profession at the St Thomas Higher Secondary School in Idukki told IANS he owes everything to his 83-year-old father who taught him how to engage in selfless service and has been doing that.

"It was last month, I stepped in full time to help people. It began when I got a call asking if I can give a helping hand to a 91-year-old grandmother whom I knew was unwell. Immediately I went there and saw the weak and frail body of the granny. I along with her relative got her cleaned up and put her on a chair and drove her to the hospital and soon came the news she was Covid positive. For a moment I felt shaky and soon got over it. I called my wife and asked her to keep a few dresses outside. After I reached home I isolated myself from others as we had a room on the first floor. Since then I have declared war on Covid," said Joseph.

He said in the next few days, the granny's husband and their 49-year-old son turned positive and I took them to a few hospitals for more expert treatment.

"The granny passed away on April 23, then a few days later her son also passed away and then came the death of the father. I was there for the conduct of the last rites," said Joseph.

Later Joseph realised that the deaths took place because the hospitals did not have high quality ventilators and soon the family members of the three deceased decided to pool money and Joseph also chipped in and donated two high quality ventilators to the local government hospital at Kattapana.

Following the death of three members of the same family and the help he rendered, he has become the most sought after person in his village.

"Every day I get a few calls, If I can take some to the hospital, some others want medicines to be delivered, others want food to be delivered. I by now have taken two doses of vaccine and am right now at a hospital after I was asked to take a pregnant lady to the hospital for check up," said Joseph.

Apart from the physical help he renders, he and his wife, also a Hindi teacher have decided to set aside their April month's salary for helping others.

"By now we have spent Rs one lakh from our pocket and have bought medicines and food kits to the needy. We as part of the NCC decided we will not take contributions from any for social service," added Joseph who said one reason why he decided to dedicate himself for this is God gave them twins (a boy and a girl) 13 years after their marriage and then he decided he will dedicate himself for selfless service". -IANS

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