The Weekend Leader - At 22, Himanta Biswa Sarma told his future wife that he would be Chief Minister one day

At 22, he told his future wife that he would be Chief Minister one day



Photo: IANS

"Inform your mother, I will be the Chief Minister one day", new Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, then a student of Cotton College, had told his future wife Riniki Bhuyan Sarma, in their university days.

After the swearing-in-ceremony at the famous Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra, she said that this was the answer the then 22-year-old Sarma gave her when she asked what should she tell her mother about his future career.

"When we first met, he was 22 and I was 17," a smiling Riniki Bhuyan Sarma said.

They had married on June 7, 2001 when he became the member of the Assam Assembly for the first time.

"He was a Minister for several years, but when I was watching him taking the oath as Chief Minister today (Monday), I could not believe it," she told the media. She said that even last night, he told her that he is the Chief Minister-designate and "I asked him 'kun' (who), he replied 'moi' (I am)".

"It is always Himanta for me and our children. I cannot relate to him as the CM. It would take some time for me to feel that he is the executive head of a state," said Riniki Bhuyan Sarma, a media entrepreneur.

"A person in public life has to face many odds and challenges but I am confident that he would solve the issues and tasks as he is a person who thinks positively both with his heart and mind besides both sides of the issues," the CM's wife said.

The couple have two children - Nandil and Sukanya. Nandil did his schooling at the Doon School and passed his Class 12 in 2020 and Sukanya passed the secondary exam in the same year. - IANS

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