The Weekend Leader - Rahul Gandhi to address two rallies in Bihar on Tuesday

Rahul Gandhi to address two rallies in Bihar on Tuesday

New Delhi


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to address two rallies on Tuesday in Katihar and Kishanganj for the party's candidates who are in the fray in the final phase of polling in Bihar.

The first public meeting will be at Teachers Training College Ground in Musapur, District Katihar and the second meeting at Ruidhasa Maidan, Kishanganj, District Kishanganj.

Rahul Gandhi will be going to Bihar for the third time during this election and will be addressing his sixth rally on Tuesday.

While the opposition Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) is promising lakhs of jobs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been reminding the electorate of 15 years of RJD misrule.

Prime Minister Modi on Sunday contrasted the 'jungle raj' during the RJD rule since 1990 till 2005 with the 'development' ushered in by the National Democratic Alliance in Bihar.

"During the RJD rule for 15 years, mothers would not allow their children to step outside the house. They used to create fear in the minds of children about 'Lakarsunghwa' who would snatch them. (Lakarsunghwa is a word used to describe the kidnapping industry in Bihar). It worked in an organised way. A large numbers of children were kidnapped at that time," he said.

Rahul Gandhi has been talking about employment and farmers. Addressing an election meeting in Valmikinagar earlier, Rahul praised Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Tejashwi Yadav, while targeting Prime Minister Modi and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Rahul said that the goal of lockdown and demonetisation was the same. He said that in demonetisation, Modi took money out of your pocket and gave it to five big industrialists of the country and during the lockdown the businesses of small and medium scale businessmen came to a halt while the debts of the industrialists were waived.

Raising the issue of the new agricultural laws, Rahul said that effigies of 'Ravan' are usually burnt on Dussehra, but this time in Punjab the effigies of the Prime Minister and industrialists were burnt. He said, "It is sad, but it is happening because the farmer is upset, the youth is angry. - IANS

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