Permit industrial activities in non-containment areas of red zone districts: CII

New Delhi


 Permit industrial activities in non-containment areas of red zone districts, "if found safe", industry body Confederation of Indian Industry has suggested to the Centre.

In a communication to the Centre, the CII called for certain modifications in the guidelines issued for the resumption of economic activities from April 20, 2020 which will help to avoid disruptions in supply chains.

The CII submitted the detailed recommendations based on inputs received from its industry members across the country.

"Red zone districts and containment zones need to be clearly identified and demarcated and industrial activities be permitted in non-containment zones of red zone districts, if found safe," the CII said in a statement.

A list of red districts and containment zones may be published on a real-time basis for the information of industry, the CII said.

Furthermore, the CII suggested that shifts, transportation and stay of workers, social distancing and strength of workforce needs greater clarity and redefinition in some cases.

"Two shifts may be permitted for industries allowed to function, especially for essential items. In continuous operation plants, it is not possible to have a 1-hour gap between shifts and instead workers may start work on a staggered basis," the statement said.

"Stay of workers in large factories within the premises may not be possible to arrange at short notice and thus nearby facilities should be allowed to be used. Further, personal vehicles of employees in all industries opened up may be permitted to ply during the lockdown."

In additon, the industry body said that guidelines have suggested 50 per cent of the workforce to operate, to begin with, in plantations and IT and IT enabled services.

"This could be done on a self-certification basis. Moreover, in certain cases, if adequate social distancing norms are maintained, then more than 50 per cent strength could be permitted," the statement said. IANS