The Weekend Leader - On Instagram, a campaign on the history of beauty

On Instagram, a campaign on the history of beauty

SIDDHI JAIN   |  New Delhi


 Although easily brushed aside as being frivolous, make-up has a history that goes into the finer nuances of our past as we know it.

From the kohl-lined eyes of Egyptian Pharoahs, to the rich imagery found in the royal, Indian figurative art, and further to the beginnings of the modern beauty industry - the history of makeup has now taken on the shape of a whole new museum.

New York's Makeup Museum, yet to open its doors to public, is set to become an institution exploring the history of beauty and its ongoing impact on society. While the opening of its debut exhibition on 1950s American make-up may be delayed, an online beauty campaign by them will inspire you to delve into your family's make-up history.

The campaign, dubbed 'Generations of Beauty', is an effort to support seniors, often grandparents, who are suffering from loneliness during the Coronavirus pandemic by encouraging younger generations to spark conversation around special beauty-related memories.

The Museum's co-founder, Caitlin Collins and her grandmother, Maureen Denges kickstarted the virtual campaign with a free-wheeling dialogue highlighting Denges's personal 1950's beauty memories along with beauty artifacts she acquired in this decade such as the exquisite 20 Carats perfume and uniquely crafted beauty combs and makeup compacts.

"Normally, with life moving so quickly, we may not take the opportunity to collect these personal, and often entertaining and uplifting, beauty accounts. By sparking these conversations now we can bring a sense of comfort to older generations who may be socially isolated and looking for connection during this uncertain and scary time. You may be surprised what you learn. I know I was," said the co-founder.

Collins' questions like 'Who was a makeup icon in the 1950s America', 'How many lipsticks did you personally have and which colours were popular', or even 'What were the big beauty moments in the 1950s' - are something she encourages young people to ask the senior members of their families.

The Makeup Museum also said that it will donate a dollar for every social media comment or like on its #GenerationsOfBeauty posts on Instagram this month, up to USD 10,000, to Meals on Wheels, which delivers nourishing meals to homebound seniors. IANS

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