The Weekend Leader - Delhi Police launch COVID patrol squad

Delhi Police launch COVID patrol squad



The Delhi Police has launched a 'COVID Patrol' squad to make people aware of the coronavirus, its prevention and to ensure enforcement of the lockdown in the national capital.

The patrol has 40 motorcycles and is initially confined to south Delhi areas.

The personnel posted on the team, riding yellow motorclycle with 'Covid-19' written in red, will visit different areas and make people aware of the importance of the lockdown and also ensure it is strictly enforced, ACP Anil Mittal, the spokespersons for Delhi Police, said.

Primarily, the patrol squad has been constituted to make people aware of the laws related to control of epidemics, coronavirus and the ways to contain its spread.

The team members will make announcements regarding the same and can reach areas and people otherwise inaccessible to bigger police vehicles.

The patrol personnel will also keep an eye on commercial vehicles plying under suspicious circumstances in Delhi as well as check police patrolling Delhi's borders. IANS

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