The Weekend Leader - COVID-19: Health ministry releases data

COVID-19: Health ministry releases data

New Delhi


 At least 223 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed so far in India, showed the data available on the official website of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The data was compiled till 5 p.m. on Friday.

Of the total 223 people across the country, at least 196 are active cases of COVID-19 disease. 22 people have recovered from the disease while four people died. Besides this, "one is a 'Migrated COVID-19 Patient," said the Ministry.

The data also showed that at least 191 people are Indian nationals, 32 are foreign nationals. However the table representing the statistics, showed that 23 people were cured or discharged or migrated, from the hospital or country.

The Joint Secretary of Ministry of Health and Family welfare, on Friday, at a press conference said "there are 206 positive cases in the country."

Maharashtra remained as worst hit state with total 52 cases and one casualty. After Maharashtra, Kerala has 28 confirmed and active cases of the infection. Three patients were cured earlier. Delhi has 17 cases, of which 5 persons have recovered and discharged from the hospital while one died.

Uttar Pradesh has 23 cases -- all are Indians except one foreign national. Nine people have recovered and discharged from the hospital, said the ministry. Andhra Pradesh also confirmed increased cases, a total of 3, Gujarat 5, Haryana and Rajasthan have 17 each while Telangana has 18.

In Rajasthan three persons have recovered. Karnataka has 15 cases, Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand have reported 3 cases. J&K has 4 confirmed cases while Ladakh has 10. West Bengal, Odisha and Pubjab have confirmed 2 cases each. One person in Punjab died due to the disease and co-morbid conditions. Puducherry and Chandigarh reported their first case of COVID-19 infection. IANS

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