Kiara Advani on Women's Day: Why just one day? Every day belongs to us!



It is a good idea to celebrate a day honouring women, but what about the other 364 days in a year, wonders Bollywood actress Kiara Advani, when we quizzed her about her thoughts on Women's Day.

"Everyday should be Women's Day and everyday should be celebrated. Why just one day? I feel every single day belongs to us!" Kiara told IANS, on the sidelines of promoting her new Netflix film, "Guilty".

Celebrating just one day for women hardly makes sense unless discrimination and crimes against women are curbed and we learn to respect the female gender, but Kiara is happy that at least a conversation has started.

"Earlier these conversations would always be suppressed. We would never have these conversations. Today, we are finally tapping into those uncomfortable conversations. While the rate of rape is alarming in our country, we all need to fight against it. The fact that these conversations have started is one step closer to the ultimate goal. I'm hoping that stricter laws are implemented against these kinds of crimes," said Kiara. IANS