The Weekend Leader - Goa museum to display Parrikar's memorabilia

Goa museum to display Parrikar's memorabilia



Former Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar's photographs and various personal articles, including slippers, will be displayed at an upcoming state museum in a renovated 17th century fort.

Speaking to the media here on Thursday, Goa Ports Minister Michael Lobo said the Fort Aguada Heritage Jail and Museum project would also screen videos on the four-time Goa Chief Minister's life.

"Part of the first floor will be dedicated to Parrikar. Whatever articles he has used and are in possession of his friends and family will be displayed there," Lobo said. Parrikar's family and friends would be requested to share his memorabilia for display at the museum, he added.

Parrikar was known for his unorthodox sense of dressing, especially his penchant for open footwear. He died in March 2019 after a prolonged battle with cancer.

The Aguada Fort, built in the 17th century by the Portuguese colonists, was initially used as a coastal sentinel and a water-refilling station for passing ships. It was later turned into a high security prison by the colonial administration.

After Goa's liberation, it continued to serve as a central jail until a new prison was built at Colvale village in North Goa. - IANS

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