The Weekend Leader - Polio vaccination drops are Sharia-compliant: Pak Ulema   

Polio vaccination drops are Sharia-compliant: Pak Ulema  



Clerics and scholars of different religious schools of thought in Pakistan have underlined that polio vaccination drops are Sharia-compliant and urged the public to make a success of the drive for the eradication of polio from the country.

Addressing a press conference along with clerics and religious scholars on Wednesday, Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) chairman Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi decried those who are opposing the anti-polio campaign and termed it a conspiracy against the country, Dawn reported.

"Pakistan Ulema Council, Darul Afta Pakistan, Wafaq-ul-Masajid, Madaris-i-Pakistan and leading ulema and mashaikh have already termed polio drops not only halal but also beneficial for the humans and decrees have been issued that there is nothing harmful or haram in polio drops," he declared.

Hafiz Ashrafi appealed to the ulema and religious scholars to play their role in making the ongoing anti-polio drive a success and deliver this message in Friday sermons as well.

He said polio had been eradicated from all countries of the world, except Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"Parents of children under five years of age should ensure that anti-polio drops are administered to their children. We need to understand that senior clerics and religious scholars from across the Islamic world have issued decrees that there is nothing anti-Sharia in polio vaccine," he said.

About Pakistan's relations with other Muslim countries, Ashrafi said Pakistan had always played a sensible role in the Muslim world and its relations with Saudi Arabia were not limited to trade or politics, but it was a deep-rooted and time-tested friendship. -IANS

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