The Weekend Leader - AIADMK govt will protect the interests of minorities: TN CM

AIADMK govt will protect the interests of minorities: TN CM



 Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K. Palaniswami on Monday said the AIADMK government will not allow any action that would affect Muslim brothers and sisters.

Stressing that the government will protect the interests of minorities, Palaniswami appealed to Muslim outfits to reject false propaganda and malicious rumours and cooperate for social harmony.

He was speaking in the Assembly on the protests by Muslim outfits here against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and the recent police action against the protestors.

Palaniswami said about 150 protestors on Monday have assembled in the Washermenpet locality and protesting against the CAA and police protection has been provided to prevent any untoward incidents.

He appealed to the protestors to reject false propaganda and malicious rumours and cooperate towards social harmony.

Recalling the recent police action against the Muslim protests against CAA here, Palaniswami said the community leaders on February 14, 2020 had assured the police that they had no plans to hold protests on that day and added that they plan to hold a protest on February 23, 2020.

However later that day, about 300 Muslims including women assembled on the roads and shouted slogans against CAA. The protestors didn't heed to the advice of the police that it was unauthorised protest and shouted slogans against the central and state governments.

Palaniswami said the police arrested 40 protesting men and were asked to board a bus. Inside the bus the arrested men created ruckus and also damaged the vehicle's windshield.

Subsequently Muslims in large numbers gathered on the roads without any permission and obstructed the traffic.

They also threw stones, chappals and water bottles at the police injuring some police personnel, Palaniswami said.

While the police had erected barricades to prevent the protestors some outsiders came in and instigated the protestors who in turn broke the barricade cordon and started protesting on the road blocking the traffic.

"When the police tried to arrest the protestors, the protestors threw bottles, stones and chappals at them," Palaniswami said.

He said the police arrested 82 protestors who in turn damaged the windshields of the vehicle carrying them.

Later, on that night the police held talks with Muslim leaders and the latter agreed to stop their protest and the arrested persons were let out.

"Instead of dispersing the protestors continued their protest shouting slogans throughout the night," Palaniswami said.

Pointing out to various protests held in the state in the past peacefully with police protection, Palaniswami said some undesirable elements are formenting trouble.

Meanwhile the Speaker P. Dhanapal rejected DMK's demand of passing Aa resolution against CAA.

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