Inherited artistic sensibilities from my mother: Chanana

New Delhi


On the opening day of her two-day art exhibition, 'Inheritance' in Museo Camera Centre for the Photographic Arts in Gurugram (February 1 and 2), artist Chandni S. Chanana said that she likes to title all her exhibitions as 'Inheritance'.

"The reason being that I have inherited my artistic sensibilities from my mother who trained at the JJ School of Art but did not peruse her art career for long. The moment I sit in front of the easel, shapes emerge effortlessly," said Chanana.

Chanana, who has exhibited widely in Mumbai and Dubai, is displaying 24 canvasses in her latest exhibition, which centres on contemporary women with musical instruments.

"Being trained in Kathak myself, music and dance have always held an important place in my life," she said.

Optimistic about the response, the artist says that her husband's constant encouragement pushes her towards making more artwork.

Talking about her process, Chanana says that she derives inspiration from her environment and contemporary issues. Not a trained artist, she does miss going to the art school.

"Formal education provides you with tools and techniques. For me, there is trial and error, though it has its own magic. There are times when I start with something in mind, and what emerges is different. This surprise is always interesting," Chanana said.

For someone who has been doodling, colouring and drawing ever since she was a child, this expression of art completes her in ways more than one.

Chanana said: "Colours have always held a special place in my aesthetics, something you can notice looking at my works. And I feel one derives a peculiar satisfaction from translating his/her thoughts on the canvas."

Mostly working with acrylic and oil, Chanana, who lived in Dubai for several years, took a seven-year break from art after her daughter's birth.

Starting professionally in 1999 with an exhibition in Mumbai, the artist is now planning her next work on Ganesha and Krishna.IANS