Army gets Rs 263.52 cr for cow care in military farms

New Delhi


 For upkeep of cattle at the British-era military farms, the government has allocated Rs 263.52 crore in the budget. The army had shut these farms three years ago, but with no takers for cows, it's forced to upkeep them.

In previous budget, the government had allocated Rs 293.42 crore and in the revised budget it was Rs 205.42 crore.

Upkeep of the cattle involves maintenance of acres of land and payment of staff salaries.

There are over 1,000 employees who maintain these 39 farms spread across 20,000 acres. After the closure of farms, the army had engaged many contractual workers.

Three years ago, the army had 25,000 cows at these shelters. Now the number has come down to 15,000 with army selling 10,000 cows of Frieswal breed.

The Frieswal breed of cows is known for high milk yields and cost around Rs 1 lakh. But most cows were sold to state governments and other departments just for Rs 1,000 per head.IANS