The Weekend Leader - Here's how to do baby's laundry correctly

Here's how to do baby's laundry correctly

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 Laundry becomes a critical part of your life when you have a baby, but not just any detergent or soap will do. Because of babys delicate skin, you might want to consider switching from your regular detergent to something gentle yet tough on stains.

While regular laundry detergents get clothes clean, they can also leave residue and this residue might not bother adults but can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions in babies, the experts said.

"Residues from laundry detergents get trapped within the fibers of baby's clothes, which are in constant contact with their skin. This residue can trigger irritation or an allergic reaction on baby's skin," said Subhashini N.S., Discovery Sciences Group, R&D, The Himalaya Drug Company.

"Thus, it is important to choose a laundry wash specifically formulated for baby's clothes and one that is safe and gentle on the skin," Subhashini added.

While choosing the right baby laundry wash, Subhashini shares a few tips to keep in mind.

The first step is to choose a detergent free of harmful substances like phosphorous, parabens, SLS/SLES/ ALS, synthetic colour, added bleach, and silicates. Such chemicals could potentially be skin irritants.

Choosing a detergent without harmful chemicals is one easy way to ensure you are protecting your baby's skin, the doctor said.

"You can opt for a laundry wash that is specially formulated with natural ingredients like Neem and Lemon. Ingredients like Neem help kill microbes while Lemon helps keep baby's clothes fresh," she suggested.

According to the expert, it is crucial to use a laundry wash that is gentle and does not contain bleach or harmful chemicals. You can opt for a liquid laundry wash as it is gentle on baby's clothes and helps maintain the softness of the fabric.

Yet another desirable feature in a laundry wash would be "gentle on baby's skin" and "clinically tested", Subhashini added.

While baby's skin care and health care are of utmost importance, remember that using the right laundry wash certainly contributes to your little one's overall comfort and well-being.IANS 

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