The Weekend Leader - BJP leader chides Bengal intellectuals protesting against CAA

BJP leader chides Bengal intellectuals protesting against CAA



Continuing the abusive attack on intellectuals who are protesting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, a BJP leader in West Bengal on Monday called the protesters "dogs" and "monkeys".

"If you have problem with the word dog, you can call them monkeys. There is absolutely no problem about that. But we will call them dogs," said BJP state General Secretary Sayantan Basu, when asked about BJP MP Soumitra Khan dubbing the protesting intellectuals as "Mamata Banerjee's dogs."

Describing CAA as an Act for the people, the BJP leader said they were going to every area inhabited by "people".

"It's no use going to places where dogs and such animals live," Basu told the media while leading a door-to-door campaign in favour of CAA in Kharagpur in West Midnapore district.

Later, talking to IANS, Basu refused to elaborate what he meant by "places where dogs and such animals live".

"I won't say anything more on this. It is for the media to interpret the way they like," said Basu.

Basu also referred to the 'CAA CAA chi chi' (CAA CAA, shame shame) slogan raised by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at an anti-CAA rally last month, and said each of those who raised the slogan where paid Rs 500.

"Those who shouted the slogan 'CAA CAA chi chi', they got Rs 500 each. But such slogans are not being given any more, as the money did not reach in time," he said.

Leading a similar programme, state BJP Vice President Subhas Sarkar dubbed the protesting intellectuals as "self-seekers".

"People are telling us that those so-called intellectuals who are siding with Mamata Banerjee are actually self-seekers," said Sarkar, a Lok Sabha member.

A dominant section of the West Bengal civil society has hit the streets against the CAA, National Register of Citizens and National Population Register, inviting the wrath of the BJP, whose leaders have often stooped low to attack the protesters.

Few days back, the party's state unit President Dilip Ghosh described these intellectuals as "creatures", "devils" and "parasites".

"Some creatures called intellectuals have come out on the streets of Kolkata. These parasitic intellectuals, who live and enjoy out of other's pockets, where were they when our predecessors were tortured in Bangladesh? These devils live on our food, and oppose us," Ghosh had said.IANS 

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