Botched boob job brings trauma for mother of two



An ardent desire for a "mummy makeover" to get back into bikini-body shape not only caused a 27-year-old mother of twins from Sweden immense pain and mental trauma, but also left her poorer by 6,000 pounds.

Angelica Isaksen said a breast implant she got at an unnamed Turkish clinic -- promoted by certain celebrities on social media -- fell out of her chest weeks after a botched surgery.

She said she had forked out 6,000 pounds for her second boob job last June at a cut-price clinic she found on Instagram, the Mail Online reported. After the birth of her twins 18 months ago, she had pined to get a toned body to enable herself to participate in bikini competitions.

Isaksen also had a Brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck during her six-day stay in Turkey, but she was not happy with the results.

Within days of the surgery, her right breast ballooned, turned bright red and she had throbbing pain, though the clinic allegedly told her the side-effects were "normal".

Back home in Stockholm, a surgery scar under her right breast began to open and the implant began to dangle out.

Isaksen said she got both the breast implants removed and was back to B-cup size. She said she shared her story to warn other women against choosing budget boob jobs to save on money.

Doctors in Sweden claimed she contracted MRSA -- an antibiotic resistant bug -- due to the surgery.

"I have had surgery before and a caesarean, so I can handle pain; but this was horrendous. After two days, my breast started leaking blood, but I was told it is 'normal'. They didn't remove the tape to see what was going on -- I assume the tape was holding the incision together," she said.

She went to a hospital in Sweden where tests revealed that she had MRSA.

After remaining in hospital for five days, she was sent home to wait for an appointment with a plastic surgeon to remove the implant.

She said she wore a special bra and lied down to stop the implant from falling out till she had surgery to remove it.

The right implant was removed on December 2, 2019 and the left on January 7.IANS 

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