Dog 'wearing' helmet on bike ride divides Twitterati



A video clip of a dog wearing a helmet and riding pillion on a motorcycle driven by a man in Tamil Nadu has gone viral on social media, dividing Twitterati over the treatment of the animal in such a way.

The clip was shared by a Twitter user with the caption: "Dog wearing a helmet for safety in Tamil Nadu. Really admiring the owner's care." The 17-second clip garnered over 58.6K views, 1.5K retweets and 4.5K likes.

While quite a few tweeple were amazed at the clip and appreciated that the pet was wearing a helmet, others questioned if the dog should be made to balance himself on a two-wheeler like this.

"Wow! What amazing," one user remarked. One post read: "So heartening and lovely." Another commented: "The belief on his boss!!!"

A post went thus: "Now that is something... in a state where almost no one wears a helmet!"

One user tweeted: "This is perfect. More than securing his pet, he wants to give the message to other careless humans."

There were others who were clearly not amused by the happenings.

One user remarked: "This is not the correct method to travel with pet animals."

"Absolutely. He's endangering the poor animal's life. Apart from the dog he has to also concentrate on balancing the basket in front," wrote another user.

"I think the dog is not supposed to be made to sit on bikes. They're not physically equipped to establish stability and grip," said one user.

"LoL. A dog must not even ride a bike in the first place," read one post.

"Is it not a mockery," wondered one user.

"Here no one's life is safer. 'Owner', people behind that bike," one Twitter user posted.IANS