Ronaldo's use of iPod Shuffle wows Twitterati

Turin (Italy)


 Football ace Cristiano Ronaldo has drawn comments from Twitter users after a picture of him using a retro iPod Shuffle surfaced on social media.

Ronaldo was seen using an iPod Shuffle as he arrived at the stadium here before Juventus' Serie A clash against Cagliari. A user posted the picture of the football star and wrote: Cristiano Ronaldo, Ipod Shuffle best in 2008.

It got 58 retweets and 884 likes.

One user wrote: "The man has style. He earns over 500 grand a week and he can't even be arsed with airpods."

"This man a couple days ago had on a half million dollar watch. Now he got an iPod Shuffle?!?! #CristianoRonaldo," said another.

One fan remarked: "Everyone mocking Cristiano Ronaldo for using an iPod Shuffle -- why? The guy bought a gadget he still likes, still finds useful. He's not adding to the pollution caused by treating tech as a fashion accessory. Give the guy a break!"

Another supporter tweeted: "One can be a football genius without being a tech genius. Staying humble is always a good thing, in particular when you are in such a high category. This deserves respect."

A post read: "Please get him an #Applewatch with #AirPodsPro."

Some users tweeted that Shuffle was the best iPod "ever made". One user commented: "Here's to not binning things just because they're not 'cool' anymore."

Others pointed out how Ronaldo had made iPod Shuffle to trend. There were speculation that the device price could go up and that it was a "clever publicity stunt".

The retro Apple music device was launched in 2005 and discontinued by the tech giant in 2017.IANS