The Weekend Leader - US vs Iran: Peaceniks tweet against war

US vs Iran: Peaceniks tweet against war

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As US-Iran tensions escalated after Tehran fired over a dozen missiles on the American Ain al-Asad airbase in Iraq, Twitter was abuzz on Wednesday with peaceniks voicing their views against war between the two countries.

#IranAttacks trended on Twitter with 191,000 tweets and #IranvsUSA with 753,000 tweets. One user posted a clip of an Iranian crying and speaking about the US-Iran tensions and said: "The saddest video I have watched today. 'We love Americans but we hate your president'. Meanwhile, Trump had the audacity to say ALL IS WELL. #IranAttacks #IranvsUSA."

One user remarked: "Understand that those two politicians have nothing to lose in this battle. Only innocent people will pay for this."

A Twitter user posted a meme of Donald Trump hanging from the military bomber plane's undercarriage. He wrote: "The only bomb US should drop on Iran should be this."

Another user posted; "The war is not just fought by soldiers. That war is also fought by his family and friends who wait for him at home. War is not an option. #IranAttacks."

A Twitter user posted a clip of a woman protesting at an event and tweeted: "This woman saw war coming to the Middle East. We don't want any war again. America, Iran, Russia and Israel should settle down for peace. #worldwar3 #IranAttacks #IranvsUSA #WWIII."

One post read: "Remember that movie called '2012' about the apocalypse? Well the movie should've been called '2020'. Big fires, earthquakes, war, plane crash... and we are only one week into the year."

"A lot is up in the air at the moment. With both the US and Iran now exchanging missiles, tensions are high.

"Trump's considering his response, and where we go now is uncertain. But one thing is clear: Australians don't want another war. Not now. Not ever. #IranAttacks," said one Twitterati.

One post read: "War is not a joke. War is not a meme material. War is not a hashtag. War is not fun. War is not enjoyable. War is havoc. War is thirst for killing. War is hunger of ruining others. War is menace. SAY NO TO WAR."

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