The Weekend Leader - 'Hitler, is that you at Lok Kalyan Marg?': Cong mocks PM

'Hitler, is that you at Lok Kalyan Marg?': Cong mocks PM

New Delhi


The Congress has attacked the RSS and ruling BJP for the student violence in JNU and in Ahmedabad, saying the Modi government is similar to "Hitler rule".

In a series of tweets, the Congress said "Hitler, is that you at Lok Kalyan Marg?" taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi who resides at Lok Kalyan Marg, as it compared statements made by BJP leaders with that of the Nazis.

The party tweeted "The very ideology of the RSS is inspired by Hitler and the ideas of the Nazis. It comes as no surprise that the present govt is trying to fulfil the vision of their ideological leaders - the RSS. #BJPHitlerRaj"

"The actions, propaganda machinery and the ways in which the BJP functions reminds us of the dire times during the peak of dictatorship in Germany. Our country is at a tipping point, now only Gandhiji's virtues of 'satya' and 'ahimsa' can save us."

"The CAA clubbed with NRC reeks of the racial purity laws passed by Hitler's regime which led to the planned extermination of millions of people. We must ask ourselves, is the BJP govt leading us down the same path?" tweeted the Congress.

Talking to IANS, Congress Social Media head Rohan Gupta said "this government is trying to impose its ideology on people, and they have gone behind every dissenting voice and they want to crush it. The violence which happened in JNU and Ahmedabad are examples of Hitler Raj."

The Congress has openly attacked the BJP on the JNU violence and party interim chief Sonia Gandhi has termed it as "bone chilling" and demanded a judicial enquiry into the incident.

The party has constituted a fact finding team to assess the situation and give a report to Sonia Gandhi.IANS 

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