Jafar, Darapuri released from jail, to continue struggle



Social activist Sadaf Jafar and retired IPS officer S.R. Darapuri were released from Lucknow district jail on Tuesday morning.

Both had been arrested in connection with anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests on December 19. The court had granted bail to them on Saturday. However, their release was delayed due to formalities.

After being released from jail, both the activists said that they would continue to raise their voices against injustice and their struggle against the CAA would continue.

They blamed police for giving communal colour to a peaceful protest and arrested innocent persons.

"My only fear as a single mother was being away from my minor children. I was also apprehensive of being brutally beaten by cops. Both my fears have gone - Yogi sarkar ne sara dar nikal diya," said Sadaf Jafar.

She said she was happy the way the Congress has taken care of her children.

Sadaf blamed the police for the violence in Lucknow during anti-CAA protest and said that all police stations turned into black holes during the protest.

"I was arrested and brutally beaten up by the police. I was hit in the stomach, pulled by hair by the male police official," she said.

S.R. Darapuri also condemned police atrocities against Sadaf and other innocents who were arrested and thrashed by the police.

"Police should give evidence and present videos that those arrested were indulging in violence," he said.

He further said that he had served as a police officer for 32 years but had never seen such brutality.

"The government cannot suppress the voice of people. CAA is unconstitutional. We will continue to protest against the amended citizenship law," he added.IANS