The Weekend Leader - Zoho CEO defies Twitter backlash on plan to attend RSS event

Zoho CEO defies Twitter backlash on plan to attend RSS event

New Delhi


Accenture India and software development company Zoho Corp on Monday faced backlash on social media platforms after an invite of an upcoming Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) function in Chennai on February 2 -- with top executives from both the companies listed as key attendees -- went viral.

Although Accenture did not comment but Vembu replied back in a tweet, saying he does not decide his views based on Twitter attacks.

"If you dislike which events I attend, please do what your conscience dictates and I will do what mine dictates. We earn our daily bread due to our work and we will continue to do quality work. I won't be responding to attacks," a defiant Vembu tweeted.

The event, titled "Resurgent Bharath," lists Rama S Ramachandran, MD and Head of Operations Chennai, Accenture Solutions, and Sridhar Vembu, Founder and CEO, Zoho Corporation as Guest of Honour and Chief Guest, respectively.

The invite poster came from RSS IT Professional, Chennai.

As soon as the invite went viral on social media, Twitter users began criticising both the executives.

"I'm in a position to cancel all business with Zoho thanks to Sridhar Vembu's participation in this event," tweeted a user.

Some, however, came in Vembu's support: "Sridhar, Knew long back Zoho products, never knew you as a person. Love your principled stand".

"I am little confused. Just because he is working somewhere, doesn't he/she get a freedom of speech/freedom of choice/freedom of expression?" tweeted another.

There was no comment from the organizers yet. IANS 

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