The Weekend Leader - Delhi launches 'She Codes' programme for girl students

Delhi launches 'She Codes' programme for girl students

New Delhi


With an aim to empower young girls in the field of Computer Science, the Directorate of Education of the Delhi government on Friday launched 'She Codes' programme for girl students of the city government schools.

Launched in collaboration with She Codes Foundation - a Not for Profit organization -- the programme aims to provide free and flexible Computer science and coding skills programmes for girls.

While 1,000 girl students of the Delhi government schools have been enrolled in the programme, the government is aiming to accommodate 10,000 girls by March 2021.

By March 2025, the programme will enrol eight lakh girl students, said Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia.

"That is our plan. It is a great step toward bridging the gender gap in the field of technology and swiping away the mindset that supports 'boys for science, and girls for arts' kind of attitude. The aim is to equip our girls to be strong enough to pursue a career in technology."

Speaking at the launch of the program, Sisodia said: "It is a great opportunity for our girl students to master their coding skills and build a strong grasp over the subject- Computer Science," he said.

Sisodia said science is a subject that is only associated with boys, while arts is a subject meant for girls according to the perception of Indian society. "This mindset needs to change and She codes will enable us to do that." He said that the girls have to fight societal pressure every day to come to school.

"Talking about the educational reforms and the current trend of girls outperforming boys in board exams, our efforts to encourage them goes in vain when we look at the hurdles girls face in their day to day lives. Societal pressure and regressive attitude towards girls' education discourage them to take up higher education or pursue a career. Many girl students are being sent to school with the mindset to obtain a degree which would act as a means to secure good marriage proposals for them," said SisodiaIANS 

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