The Weekend Leader - Twitter abuzz as Mumbai trains honk in New Year

Twitter abuzz as Mumbai trains honk in New Year



A tweet by a Mumbai resident about trains sounding their air horns in unison to ring in the new year evoked mixed reactions from Twitter users, with many amused by such a tradition.

A Twitter user posted the 14-second video clip on January 1, and wrote: "The tradition of all trains honking together at 12 midnight to welcome and salute the New Year at Mumbai CSMT and rail car-sheds continues."

The clip shot at the iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) got 99.2K views, 2.3K retweets and 7.9K likes.

One user tweeted: "My year can't begin without listening to it from Kalwa car shed, it's indispensable!"

"Thank heavens, I don't live next to a railway line," remarked another user.

A user posted two pictures of commuters stranded at a railway station and wrote: "Only if @Central_Railway had added a few extra trains today from Thane to CSMT after 12.23 a.m. today, could have been a great start to the year for the people stranded after New Year celebrations in all stations from Thane upwards CSMT."

One post read: "Must be deafening but what fun!"

"Never knew this, ha... it's a very nice tradition," said another.

One user commented: "Thanks for this trivia. I am told something similar happens out at sea too. The foghorns are sounded at midnight on New Year."

When one Twitter user tweeted that "sounds like an awful amount of noise pollution! A minute of silence will be more symbolic and less stressful", another remarked: "Dear boy, why such negative outlook. At this rate, you will say singing 'Happy birthday' is noise pollution. Learn to enjoy. A loud Happy New Year to you."

"Nice! 2020 is the perfect occasion to ring out the old and bring in the new tradition of running 'em ON SCHEDULE at least 90% punctuality if not better. That'd be even nicer!" read one post.

One user posted a funny tweet: "Excellent one... It's music to my ears." - IANS

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