The Weekend Leader - Internal security fine, inflation on Indians' mind as year ends

Internal security fine, inflation on Indians' mind as year ends

New Delhi


Findings of the IANS-CVOTER State of the Nation Poll 2020 show that majority of those surveyed are not unduly concerned about issues such as the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA).

However, what is worrying them as they end the year and prepare for the New Year are the prospects of rising inflation and growing unemployment.

Speaking to IANS, Yashwant Deshmukh of C-Voter said that it is the first time that people are concerned over inflation and unemployment. "It is an important point for the government to note, because the last time people were concerned about issues like inflation and unemployment was in 2013," he said.

The 12-point questionnaire collated responses to gauge citizens' optimism on issues ranging from inflation, relations with Pakistan, employment opportunities, corruption, communal harmony, freedom to oppose government decisions, treatment of minorities, women's safety, personal life and overall conditions in the country.

The survey covered 1,600 people in 23 states across the country and was held on the last day of the year. The findings show that Indians are by and large happy with the way things have shaped up in the year gone by and hope that things will get better in 2020.

The two areas where the level of optimism was negative turned out to be inflation and India's relationship with Pakistan. As much as 46.8 per cent of respondents felt that inflation would worsen as compared to 34.2 per cent who felt it would improve.

The internal security situation in the country is something that 78.4 per cent, the highest, of respondents spoke favourably of. The government's treatment of minorities and others on an equal footing will continue, felt 62.9 per cent of the respondents.

On relations with Pakistan, 39.3 per cent felt that things would get worse as opposed to 33.3 per cent who were optimistic of better relations with the hostile neighbour.

Issues like women's safety also received thumbs up from the respondents with 68.3 per cent expressing optimism on the issue.

"The majority of the people are ending the year on a positive note," Deshmukh said.IANS 

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