The Weekend Leader - WB Governor faces Twitter heat on remembering Bengal partition

WB Governor faces Twitter heat on remembering Bengal partition

New Delhi


Can anyone believe a New Year greeting message can become a nightmare for the author? It actually happened on Tuesday with the West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar.

Dhankhar triggered a controversy as he tweeted his pictures of recording and signing a New Year's message to the people of the state.

The Governor tweeted: "Recording of New Year Message for the people of the State of West Bengal in the historical Raj Bhawan Library while sitting on the iconic table from which Lord Curzon signed first Partition of Bengal in 1905."

"The person sitting at this table is humble servant of the people mandated to uphold and protect the Constitution and serve the people of the State of West Bengal. How can we there be 'missing the wood for the trees'!", he added.

The post provoked a series responses on Twitter.

One user tweeted: "Iconic isn't a word to use for that particular table sir,...The glee, gloominess and pain is still exist in the heart of every bengali... My humble request you to please take down this tweet...Coz it is hurting bengali scentiment very badly."

"And planning for 2nd partition of Bengali society by British bootlickers also going on...", added another tweet.

Another tweet said: "If there is one character that Bengalis despise, it is Lord Curzon.. we even love our Mahisasur."

A third post said: "Sanghi Governor thinks the 'Divide and Rule' partition of Bengal by Lord Curzon is something to be proud of!"

"I hope u r not glorifying that Table! Bengal Partition is a scar for us. Reminds us how Rulers were afraid of Bengalis getting united against them,Tagore rejecting Knighthood. U may still hear sounds of Protest from that teak, find blood stains in the wood. U chose a wrong table!", another user posted.

"Sir, with due respect to you, was it very necessary to remind us Bengalis of the pain of this dissection? It wasn't a nice New Year message on your part," said another tweet.IANS 

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