The Weekend Leader - Delhi police stay in control of situation at UP Bhavan protest

Delhi police stay in control of situation at UP Bhavan protest

New Delhi


With the police remaining in control throughout, the anti-CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) protest organised at UP Bhavan here on Friday, unfolded in bits and pieces but ended on a peaceful note.

Protesters comprising largely students from different universities had planned the protest against the CAA and alleged police brutality against protesters, at various places across Uttar Pradesh.

The police detained the protesters one by one without giving them any chance to raise slogans or mar the law and order situation. Around 500 personnel of the Delhi Police and the Rapid Action Force were deployed outside UP Bhavan.

One of the protesters Amanul Haq told IANS "I am here to protest against the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act. Classifying minorities on the basis of religious persecution is not in our ideals. If you really want to contribute to the refugees and minority there are over 147 countries in the world which have signed the UN refugee convention. Why can't India be one of them? Even if you are looking at religious persecution then there are 10,000 Rohingya Muslims who have been massacred in Myanmar, they have already turned them away."

Another protester Anshuman told IANS, "Persecution does not just happen on the basis of religion but ethnicity also. The government has chosen minorities from these three countries which are Islamic. They specifically excluded Muslims. That stands for something. I personally don't want any kind of immigration."

The police detained the protesters numbering around 100, who showed up one by one or in small groups, including Anshuman and Amanul Haq.

Police, when asked about the detention of these two protesters, said, "Although according to section 144 if more than five people are standing in a group they are detained but these two were chatting on Whatsapp and messaging more people to join in that's why we detained them."

The protesters were taken to Mandir Marg police station.

Congress leader Udit Raj came to stand in solidarity with the protesters but was detained by the police.

"What happened in UP was totally unconstitutional and what Delhi Police is doing is also unconstitutional. They are not even allowing to protest. They are detaining students. This is totally uncalled for," said Udit Raj.IANS 

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