The Weekend Leader - Twitterati pay homage to Ari Behn

Twitterati pay homage to Ari Behn



As news of suicide by Ari Behn -- author and ex-husband of Princess Martha Louise of Norway poured in, Twitterati posted heartfelt tributes to the late author.

Many users also expressed the opinion that people talk more and more about depression, a cause which led to Ari's suicide at the age of 47 on Christmas.

One fan wrote: "He was an artist and a writer. I really liked him. He had been depressed for a long time. If you are depressed, ask for help. You are not alone."

One commented: "Devastatingly sad. In the Christmas very day... It happened to have crossed our paths, not long ago; I will not forget his sensitive sight and warm personality. A gentle, caring man who loved his three daughters. May God rest #Aribehn in peace!"

"Depression is real and needs to be taken seriously, but something is very strange that #AriBehn is the third accuser of #KevinSpacey to die in a year, and should be looked into..." read one post.

One fan tweeted: "This is devastating news. Three beautiful girls have been left without their father. If anyone is in that much pain that they want things to end, focus on how much you're going to hurt those you leave behind and please get help. Praying for the family of Ari Behn."

One fan was angry: "How, seriously how, can they reduce a person to a 'Kevin spacey accuser' the day after his death!? The man had so much to offer the world in many ways. Please do not let his name be reduced to a part in a conspiracy theory. The tragedy is already big enough."

Ari Behn hit the headlines with a December 2017 interview in which he recounted an incident with Kevin Spacey when the actor hosted a Nobel Prize concert.IANS 

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