Dosa, burger divides Twitter foodies on taste lines

New Delhi


Not all foodies are always ready to experiment with what they eat or drink, but a dosa masala burger offered by a fast food joint has clearly divided the Twitterati on -- well -- taste lines.

One Twitter user posted a picture of the new dish on offer and wrote: "Yikes!!"

A user retweeted the picture and wrote: "I just threw up in my mouth."

One user had a different opinion: "It's not that bad! Truth be told."

A post read: "It's actually very very tasty!" "Yes... two years back they butchered my ever favourite Maharaja Mc Chicken... in the name of Indianness and throwing some random jalapeno on it (don't know how it is Indian). Now this," read one post.

One foodie commented: "That's worse than Schezwan dosa!!"

A user tweeted: "That's a vada pav."

One Twitter user posted a picture of 'gulab jamuns' and wrote: "Felt the same way upon seeing GJ cutlets!"IANS