The Weekend Leader - Rajasthan police to seek public support to solve cases

Rajasthan police to seek public support to solve cases



Rajasthan police shall seek public support to crack unsolved and untraced cases, said DGP Bhupendra Singh here on Monday.

Rajasthan police has introduced a new facility on its web portal where public can share information on any crime activity with police without unveiling their identity, he said.

Under a new facility, we are providing two options to citizens to report crime activity being reported in their area, locality on our web page. The first initiative includes 'Solve a crime' and second is 'submit a tip'.

In the first step, information about a crime can be shared with the police while in the second step, tip on any other crime activity can be shared. This can be a secret sharing where citizens can share tip on any criminal activity being happening in their vicinity without mentioning their name.

In both the above options, citizens can share details of crime activity without any fear, independently without revealing their identity. Also the information shall be kept secret, he said further.IANS 

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