Mangalore today is not what it was: CPI MP Viswam

Kasargode (Kerala)


The present-day Mangalore is not what it was before, said CPI MP Binoy Viswam on Saturday soon after he was brought from Mangalore to a police station near here by the Karnataka police.

Viswam, a former Kerala Minister and now a Rajya Sabha member along with a few of his party men was taken into custody Saturday morning when they began a protest in Mangalore against the passing of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), 2019.

Later in the evening all of them were handed to the local police station near here by the Karnataka police and after making the necessary documentation, all of them were left free.

Speaking to the media here, soon after he was brought to a police station, here Viswam said that they reached Mangalore to protest.

"The BJP government in Karnataka is going forward to implement the RSS agenda and that's not right. Mangalore today is not what it was. People are worried about the future of India and also of the unity of Hindus and Muslims. Soon after we began our protest, we were taken into custody by the police and taken to a police station. Initially, the behaviour of the police was bad," said Viswam.

"Later, their attitude changed after the arrival of a high-ranking police officer. After that it was fine. The people understand everything whatever is happening," said Viswam.

Viswam along with his party men had arrived in Mangalore by train to protest, but managed to go unnoticed, till they started their protest.IANS