The Weekend Leader - Internet showers love on toddler's viral video

Internet showers love on toddler's viral video

New Delhi


As children play with the toys, they learn the problem solving skills, as they grow, kids can use toys to explore object permanence.

Recently, a clip of three little boys giving a performance with a hand made-up guitars has been doing the rounds on the Internet.

The 1-minute clip that was shared by the Twitter handle Fit Bharat captioned, "Where will this Rock Band be playing on Saturday Night? We want to join them.#SaturdayThoughts."

The video will totally melt your heart and will probably be one of the most adorable things you will watch today.

As the clip goes viral, the Internet too is in love with these three cute rockstars.

A tweeple on micro-blogging site wrote, "This is newborn Band.. Loved the performance."

"Level of joy and happiness are extremely high. Made my day! God bless you kids", added another.

A user wrote, "Love their passion and teamwork..."

A twitterati remarked, "Forget the Protest, listen to the new rock band."IANS 

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