China's envoy calls for reasonable solution to Palestinian issue



Chinese special envoy on Middle East affairs Zhai Jun has called for promoting a just, reasonable and lasting solution to the Palestinian issue.

At a briefing held here on Wednesday, Zhai said that the Palestinian-Israeli peace process has been suspended for some time and the Palestinian issue has been marginalized, which is a dangerous situation, Xinhua news agency reported.

He said the Palestinian issue is the root cause of the uncertainty in the Middle East. If it is not resolved, many problems in the Middle East will not be resolved, and peace and stability in the region cannot be achieved, Zhai added.

The Chinese envoy said one of the most important reasons that the Palestinian issue has not been resolved is the US biased stance towards Israel.

Zhai said the international community has made many efforts to resolve the Palestinian issue, which have resulted in some consensus.

However, the US pursues a unilateralist policy and hegemonism which erode the foundation of Palestinian-Israeli peace and regional peace, he noted.

Zhai said that the national rights of the Palestinian people cannot be negotiated. He called on the international community to support fairness and justice, adhere to the consensus and relevant resolutions reached on the Palestinian issue, and promote a just, reasonable and lasting solution to the Palestinian issue.IANS