The Weekend Leader - Twitterati savour cook-pork clip with child safety message

Twitterati savour cook-pork clip with child safety message



 A city resident's video clipping about slow cooking a pork chunk in a beater car -- to send home the message about the danger of leaving children behind in parked cars -- got thumbs-up from Twitter users.

The user posted a clipping of 1.5 kg pork roast cooked in an old Datsun Sunny on Friday and being cut into slices.

He was quoted that temperature in the car's inside had reached 81 degree Celsius in the heat of the day even as Perth clocked 40 degree Celsius. It took 10 hours to cook.

He maintained that his experiment showcased how dangerous it is to leave children and pets alone in hot cars.

One user commented: "A brilliant way to get the message over to the people who still don't seem to realise how deathly hot cars are."

In reply, the city resident said: "Heightened awareness! Hopefully people will think twice now."

Other users used 'sensational', 'love it' and 'sounds delicious' to voice their admiration.

One user wrote: "Go Datsun oven!"

Another posted: "You deserved it mate -- that was a good video, funny and delivered some really important info."

One user asked: "What will you cook in the car next? Perhaps another Datsun dish? Or a Suzuki stir fry?"IANS 

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