Post Sunday violence, Jamia students vacate hostel

New Delhi


Scared after the Delhi Police action in Jamia Millia Islamia University campus on Sunday, the students have vacated the hostels on Monday and moved to their homes.

"We are not safe here. We will have to leave. Our parents are very afraid. They have asked us to leave the hostel," said Sania, a student of Jamia university.

"How can they enter the university without permission? They used tear gas inside the library. Many students have been injured badly. Few are admitted in hospitals. Who will take responsibility for this mayhem? We demand judicial inquiry in this matter. How can we vacate hostel in just one day there are so many students in hostel. They have created a fearful environment," he said.

Echoing similar sentiments another student added that his guardians were very worried after hearing the news of violence in the university in Delhi.

"My name is AShaqib Noor. I am from Bihar. Whole country has seen how they had beaten up. Our guardians are worried about us. That's why I am going back home. I am feeling unsafe inside the hostel."

The students alleged that the police entered inside the campus of the university and used teargas and violence on the students sitting in the library on Sunday

Even as Delhi police continued their efforts to control the situation in the wake of anti-CAA violence on Sunday, the chief proctor of Jamia Millia Islamia accused the Delhi police of forcefully entering the university campus and beating up the students.

Waseem Ahmed Khan said on Sunday evening that police had entered the campus despite not being given permission to enter. He alleged that staff and students are being beaten and are even forced to vacate the campus.

Jamia students have claimed that they are not involved in the acts of violence.

At least five buses were set ablaze or damaged, besides various cars and one bike that were targeted by the mob on Sunday in the national capital, the police said.IANS